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Dr. Cheong

Quote LeftAfter avoiding a dentist for 10 years, through fear and bad experiences, I was recommended by a friend who had been treated with sedation at The Dental Connection. For anyone who can't face dental treatment, sedation was a fantastic option

Before receiving treatment with Dr. Cheong, I was concerned about pain. Not only was the treatment painless, I did not feel ANY pain afterwards. I highly recommend The Dental Connection to anyone interested in receiving professional and painless Implants.Quote Right

G.M, Richmond

Oral Hygienist

Our oral hygienist plays a key role in your oral health, helping you to avoid or combat gum disease.

Your gums form the foundation of your smile, and provide vital support for your teeth, so it is important to keep them healthy.

Gum disease is a very common condition, and in its early stages can cause sore, swollen or bleeding gums and bad breath. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to tooth loss.

It is also increasingly being linked to overall health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and premature birth. It is caused by plaque, a constantly-forming layer of sticky bacteria. Cleaning your teeth regularly, including around and below the gum-line, can remove some of the bacteria, but rarely removes it all.

Our oral hygienists will give your teeth a professional clean, removing all the plaque, and will polish them, making it more difficult for new plaque to cling to them, and also making them feel smooth and fresh.

They will also advise you on the best way of caring for your teeth and gums at home, including following a healthy diet and avoiding smoking.

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